Bead Society of Cape Cod

New Location as of April, 2016! The Bead Society of Cape Cod meets the third Thursday of every month at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod on 307 Old Main Street, South Yarmouth, MA 02664. Come for the social hour at 6:15pm, formal meetings begin at 7pm sharp. $6 per meeting for non-members, $40 purchases a year's membership. For more information, please contact us at or write us at P.O.Box 104, South Dennis MA, 02660.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Supplies: Items with * are in the kit.

* Kumihimo Round Braiding Board

* 7 EZ bobbins for the cord

* Cord (Gemorama sells the cord in the Kits). If purchasing your own, purchase C-Lon Bead Cord.

Cut into (7) 30” cords for necklace or (7) 18” cords for a bracelet. You must cut cords.

Note: crochet or embroidery thread will not work. The cord must be large enough to grab inside the Styrofoam slots and the beads must slide freely down the cord while working with it.

7 colors of 6º or/and 8º seed beads (seven colors make it easier to see where you are in the project. Combine sizes for a textured look or all one size for bead crochet look.

A “Big eye” needle

Permanent marker or pen

Cone and Clasp or a one piece unit that is a cone w/ attached clasp.

You will need general beading supplies if you are attaching the clasp in class (glue, fireline, and beading needle). If you make a bracelet you should complete the project in class.

Prep work prior to the meeting. If you are picking up a kit at the meeting you should be there by 6:30 to string your beads (instructions below).


Cut 7 strands of the cord – length noted above.

On each strand load a stop bead and push to the end leaving a 6” tail then load approx 6 beads on each strand for each inch of the finished project. Therefore a 7” bracelet would require approximate 6 * 7 (42) beads to be loaded on each of the seven strands.

Remember to allow 1” for a clasp. A bracelet is recommended as a first project. Wrap the cord around the bobbin (starting with stop bead end ) and snap the top of the bobbin shut.

Gather the ends of the 7 strands and tie into a knot.

Prep work is done! See you at the meeting.

There will be several samples using seed beads, crystals and Czech beads for inspiration.