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New Location as of April, 2016! The Bead Society of Cape Cod meets the third Thursday of every month at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod on 307 Old Main Street, South Yarmouth, MA 02664. Come for the social hour at 6:15pm, formal meetings begin at 7pm sharp. $5 per meeting for non-members, $35 purchases a year's membership. For more information, please contact us at write us at P.O.Box 104, South Dennis MA, 02660.

Monday, July 17, 2017

BSCC JULY Project: Spiral rope

This month’s project is a simple spiral. Many of you have probably done one in your beading lifetime.

The supply list is short:

6o seed beads for the core (A)
2 colors (B) and (C) of 8o seed beads for the side segments. The original message said 11o, those will work too.
Fireline in 6# and a size 12 needle
Purchased clasp or you may make one from your beads

The amounts will depend on whether you choose to make a rope or merely a bracelet. This technique can take on many different configurations simply by changing the size of the beads and the color sequences.
The class will focus on the spiral technique. However, I will also show variations using different size beads but keeping with the basic stitch. There are double and triple layer spirals as well as a flat version.
Please see the accompanying pictures. I used a cube for the core in the picture. You may use triangles, hex in 5o or 6o or just plain 6o seed beads.

I suggest if you are beginning, stay with the basic one first and go on from there. Experiment with all kinds of bead sizes. The sky’s the limit in this one.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Next week on June 15th, we are delighted to have a special guest artist, Ann Benson. Ann will be showing us different techniques on finishing our bead crochet. If you have ropes ready to finish or a current bead crochet project that you are working on, bring them along. She will also be bringing a trunk show with kits, finishing items, bead caps, etc. from her stash to name a few for your buying pleasure. These finishing items can be used on kumihimo projects, bead crocheting and bead embroidery projects.

Ann is a master bead artist whose designs, books and web tutorials on bead work are internationally acclaimed. She is a leading world authority on both bead crochet and bead embroidery. Ann Benson is also an American fiction author whose historical trilogy The Plague Tales, The Burning Road and The Physician’s Tale, is set in fourteenth century Europe during the Black Death. Her fourth novel, the mystery Thief of Souls, takes place in the time of Joan of Arc. Currently, she is working on a fifth novel, a contemporary fantasy set in post-9/11 New York. She divides her time between homes in Florida and Cape Cod.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hi everyone,
Announcement for this week's meeting,
May 2017 BSCC Class: Bead Crochet-Circular
Just to remind you. Back in March we very successfully completed our class in single bead crochet, also known as Bohemian Crochet. This month we are taking our crochet skills a little further…..
You can do this. We are going to go step by step and we WILL do this. And you will be sooo proud of yourself!
So, this is how we are going to attack it:
If you are new to circular crochet ( as most of us are) we are going to use larger thread and 6o beads. While most circular bead crochet is done with 8o or smaller, or combinations ( advanced) size 6os are good for a chunkier bracelet or a thicker rope. We also are going to have some “nubs” started that you can work from. These nubs are several rows of completed bead crochet rounds for practice or to attach your own thread and beads to.
At this point though, let’s just try to get the concept down first. So you will not need a lot of 6o beads and you will be using knit crosheen (aka: bedspread cotton like your grandmother used). Color is not important for this, and I have plenty to share if you don’t. Don’t be surprised if you really get attached to this technique-it does have its advantages.
Size 6o beads in 3 colors, all distinct from each other ie; red, white, blue-at least ½ of a 9-10 gram tube of each. Try to get them as close in size and shape as you can as 6os vary greatly by company and even in same company.
Another note, there are size 6o seed beads and also E-beads, which have a little different shape. You can pick either-just be consistent.
Metal crochet hook. Size 6, 7, and/or 8. (Larger number is a smaller size). What you used in March with the C-lon .will probably work.
Big eye type needle to thread beads on with.
Thread: Knit Crosheen or comparable thread for use with your hook.
Supply List for advanced beaders:
Size 8o (or smaller if you really want to show off)
C-lon 135 or your preferred choice
Hook to match your thread.
Big eye type needle
There are several videos out there that are quite good. Ann Benson of course has one, plus I have her deluxe version which I hope to have to play at the meeting. Julie Gammon found an excellent one that is very concise in showing how to start the first round which is usually a troublesome spot. You will be amazed at how it becomes familiar once you get past the first few rounds (much like any other beading technique).

Mastering the Beaded Rope with Ann Benson

Beach Crochet Tutorial