Bead Society of Cape Cod

New Location as of April, 2016! The Bead Society of Cape Cod meets the third Thursday of every month at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod on 307 Old Main Street, South Yarmouth, MA 02664. Come for the social hour at 6:15pm, formal meetings begin at 7pm sharp. $6 per meeting for non-members, $40 purchases a year's membership. For more information, please contact us at or write us at P.O.Box 104, South Dennis MA, 02660.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Follow-up to May meeting

Around twenty-five people attended our last meeting, including three new folks! Ann Hochman and her helpers FINALLY were able to teach the cube bracelet project (remember, this was the project originally snowed out in January).

This was a challenging class, but people worked hard (both attendees and teachers) and some stunning examples of work were taking shape at the end of class.

Thanks again Ann and everyone who helped!

* * *

Our next meeting will be the Bead Crochet taught by Brenda Oliver.

Bead Crochet Supply List

* 50 - 75 Beads (Exact size is not important, they can be stone chips, pearls, size 6s or other similar size/weight ).
* Metal F,G, or H Crochet hook (hook should be SHARP, not rounded)

This website has an illustration of several different types of crochet hooks. The top blue "Boye" hook is an example of what you want. The middle pink "Bates" hook is an example of what you don't want. See the difference in the tips?

* Wire cutters, round nose pliers and flat pliers
* Tape
* Cones
* Clasp
* lamp, etc, if needed.

Bead Crochet Homework (very short)

If you selected a spool of wire at the last meeting, string fifty of your beads on the wire. DO NOT CUT THE WIRE!

If you were not at the last meeting, just bring your beads with you to the June meeting. We'll help you get caught up.