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New Location as of April, 2016! The Bead Society of Cape Cod meets the third Thursday of every month at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod on 307 Old Main Street, South Yarmouth, MA 02664. Come for the social hour at 6:15pm, formal meetings begin at 7pm sharp. $6 per meeting for non-members, $40 purchases a year's membership. For more information, please contact us at or write us at P.O.Box 104, South Dennis MA, 02660.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Good morning everyone,

Our next meeting will take place Thursday, February 16th. Social hour begins at 6pm, meeting begins at 7pm.

February's project will be Improvisational Bead Embroidery. This looks like fun! You don't need much for supplies, but do read the following and think about it. See you there!


BSCC Program

February 2017 Project: Improvisational Bead Embroidery

Something fun and easy. We will be embroidering with beads. This is a very versatile, forgiving side of beading-you may use any size beads that your design dictates. You may cover your fabric with beads or work on a printed fabric and leave spaces clear. You may plan to make a pendant, a pin, a framed art work. You may just try the technique.

It requires little in preparation. We will provide you with a choice of fabric backgrounds. You bring your needle and thread and a slew of beads. This might be the time to take out those large tubes of assorted mixes that Michael’s and A.C.Moore sell for not much money. You may add buttons, stones, bezeled crystals, and any kind of steampunk finds.

You don’t need a hoop. It will be backed with paper. There are no rights or wrongs. It’s a fun experience in creativity-much like finger painting in kindergarten. You just DO IT!

This inspiration came from a book by Robin Atkins. It is available as a free download. IT IS AMAZING! And lots of fun. Read the paragraph below.

(The following paragraph was taken from: One Bead at a Time Exploring Creativity with Bead Embroidery Exploring Creativity with Bead Embroidery by Robin Atkins)

“Improvisational doesn’t necessarily mean abstract. It just means working without a plan, with no design and no outcome, either on paper or in your mind. The concept of improvisational bead embroidery was introduced to me in the early ‘90s by Carol Berry, who is a jeweler and bead/fiber artist. The idea is to work without a pattern or design, sometimes without any plan for the outcome at all. Select fabric for the project because you like it, without regard to “proper” fiber content or colors. Get in touch with the child within you. Take her (or him) to the fabric shop and let her buy a quarter yard of anything which pleases her. As you work, ask your inner child which bead she’d like to sew next. Don’t get in her way and don’t be critical of her choices or of how straight she sews. Just let her play. Like children’s art.”

The download link is: It’s worth a read!

Also included with this missive is an inspirational sheet I made up from Pinterest pins. As you can see, you can be very simple or you have a real go at it. Check out all the different objects that could be used. You could have a theme going, or just explore color.

So the supply list reads as follows:

Needle and thread. (Probably nymo and a size 10 or 12 needle would work for most applications)
Supplemental Light and extension cord
Mat to work on


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